If there is anything I can say that you really need to know, its GET A WEDDING PLANNER FROM THE BEGINNING!!

When I first got engaged I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to plan my wedding, but that didn’t last long. The more I searched Pinterest and Google the more stressed I became. I’ve planned many other parties and actually thought that having a little over a year to plan my own wedding I’d be able to do it all myself…NO WAY. I had no idea how much was involved with a wedding, how many hours it would take and basically found myself becoming increasingly frustrated. Besides that, so much can happen over the course of a year, matters involving family, friends, financial issues, etc…overwhelming to say the least. And to top it off its so easy to loose track of the spending (I would buy stuff here and there but not keep track) which left me with not enough time to find the best deals and quickly using up my budget. All this created a great deal of stress between me & my fiance and was taking all the fun out of it. Needless to say, three months prior to my wedding I was way behind, inundated with lengthy to do lists and ready to just elope.

That’s when I hired  Michele and it was the best decision ever! She stepped in and immediately began taking all the stress off my hands, organized everything (what was essentially a huge mess) and when some of my bridesmaids were unable to help (jobs, kids, etc) Michele was right there to assist and support me with all my projects. Instead of giving up on some of my ideas she found a way to make sure it happened my way, found and filled in all the gaps and was so encouraging.

Having Michele by my side brought the fun and excitement back and I was able to relax and began to enjoy the process again. She relieved my stress, listened to me vent, gave me a shoulder to cry on and was an all around amazing friend. As I walked down the isle, I realized Michele had literally made my dream come true!  My husband had a blast at the reception, the guest had an incredible time and people are still talking about our wedding and how great it was.  Brides, please don’t put yourself through the agony and stress like I did and hire a professional, from the beginning. It will actually save you money, time, stress, stress and more stress, seriously. And if you want someone absolutely amazing, hire Michele!

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Michele was a tremendous help and I don’t know what I would have done without her! I am a type A personality, highly organized and what most would consider a bit of a control freak. As such, my friends would think my handing over an event as important as my wedding highly unlikely, if not impossible. As for my planning I was on a very tight budget, the wedding held on my family’s property (out of town for half my guests) and everything was DIY.  There were multiple vendors involved and tho I had a lot of family helpers (as my labor) I didn’t realize how much help I would need, nor all the little details I was missing for my wedding until the final few weeks. Stressed out, at the last minute I realized I needed help so Michele stepped in a few days before my wedding and with her magic, everything came together more beautifully than I had ever could have imagined! Seamlessly and gracefully, she did whatever needed to be done and made sure I was at ease and calm. She will go above and beyond for you and I can’t express enough how grateful I was to have her there. She knew how to help with the photographer and get everyone organized, how to handle all the endless ‘issues’ that popped up throughout the day, how to organize dozens of tables & chairs, guest parking, resolve family and catering difficulties, the list goes on and on. Plus, as I had purchased my flowers from Sam’s Club she helped me make my floral arrangements and knew how to store and prep them to ensure they were perfect for my big day. And she did it all with such ease and happiness. Wedding days are busy and especially if it’s a DIY wedding it can be even more chaotic because you are doing it all yourself. I was able to convey my vision to her through just a few Pinterest photographs, sharing a few conceptual ideas & one or two phone calls and she knew exactly what I wanted. Michele was my therapist, decorator, florist, coordinator, parking valet and at times a nanny and more! I highly recommend involving her as soon as possible in your wedding planning and not waiting until the last minute and stressing yourself out like I did. She will ensure you have nothing to worry about so you can focus on you and your spouse, relax and truly enjoy your big day. Thank you Michele, you made my day even more beautiful than I could have imagined and delivered me from my control crazed self into a blissful bride! You are amazing!


If I could describe Michele in one word, it would be amazing. I say this because she helped my destination wedding go off without any hiccups, which was a miracle considering all I had to contend with. Since my fiance and I though it would be much less stressful and best to go somewhere else and have our wedding and honeymoon all in one, we started the plans ourselves. Boy were we wrong! It turned out to be very stressful and a lot more than we bargained for. Without Michele helping to arrange the ceremony, pick out the best beach in Maui (you can’t just get married where you want to), hook us up with a wonderful travel agent, as well as make the arrangements for the restaurant our party would be at afterwards, it would have been impossible without her! She contacted everyone I needed and set up ALL of the before wedding appointments for me, so when I got to the island it was a simple breeze and I was able to enjoy time with my fiance and friends. I would highly recommend Michele for any wedding! Thanks so much Michele, we absolutely loved our romantic destination wedding!


“My destination wedding was truly a dream come true! I hired Michele to completely design and coordinate my wedding and she and her team were amazing. She ticked off every box on my wish list…plus more, and it was the most beautiful, romantic and sentimental wedding I’ve ever attended…and it was mine! Michele is so detail-oriented and has great taste. What she did for me and my family was more than I could ever have hoped for, no detail left undone and her tough negotiation skills got me the venue of my dreams! I met with Michele, shared ideas, plans, locations, etc…and she didn’t just listen, she really heard what I wanted and then she did the work. She kept me on budget and even helped me make some gorgeous things (way less expensive than buying) and I can’t say how much I appreciated that. It was amazing how much she did for me as my full time job keeps me very busy.The ceremony location and decor were flawless and the reception was over the top gorgeous, fun and a fabulous memory for life! I would hire Michele for any event…again and again! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”


Michele is the best and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner! My budget was tight and we had lots of family & friends who couldn’t be left out but Michele pulled it all together and stretched my budget until it squeaked. I CANNOT believe how much we got for our money, so beyond my dreams, and everything was beautiful and exactly what we wanted! We even had a problem when my maid of honor got sick  leaving me with unaddressed invitations and unmade favors. I was horrified, but Michele literally rolled up her sleeves and helped with EVERYTHING! I will never forget how much she felt like a friend and how much we laughed while making the gifts. Michele is THE best, I could have had a disaster but it was perfect, thanks to her. Thank you Michele!!!


Michele was the wedding coordinator of my niece’s destination wedding. She thought of everything to make the day complete and the guest comfortable including baskets of water, fan’s and yummy snacks. You could feel the love in all the small details and touches that Michele highlighted to show the bride & groom’s personalities and her taste is exquisite. I watched as she doted on even the smallest of details, cared for everyone (wedding party and guests alike) and seemed to be everywhere handling everything all at once…I was impressed! From an Auntie & Uncle’s perspective, we could see how happy you made our niece and her fiance and how, thanks to you, she was truly able to enjoy her big day! P.S. If I ever need a wedding or party planned, I know who to call! Thank You Michele!!!